Immaculate Beings on improving Mental Space – individually and collectively

We saw the Immaculate Beings at the Midwest Music Fest. They cane highly recommended. I’m not going to lie, while the festival was awesome, I was off kilter based on something that had happened the night before. I was a living a little version of their Don’t Come Back – and they musically made Mental Space (another song) for me to enjoy the rest of the show unencumbered.

Their album (Mental Space) was released early in 2020. It is a concept album about surviving trauma and learning to learning to speak up for what you need. We all have trauma – so I think we bring our own stories to the specific interpretations of the songs but the overarching message is the same – the need to help yourself out of it, build your own family and speak for your needs.

Speaking to Trevor, Casey and Griffin we learned that one experience they all share was going to McNally Smith, the contemporary music school that closed with little warning a few years ago. It was a hard situation for many of the students, especially since these weren’t degrees that you could complete at the University of Minnesota or other mainstream schools. Lots of people were left with credits from an uncredentialled school. But they all said, without hesitation, that they do not regret it. It brought them (and the whole Immaculate Beings clan) together and brought them to where they are today – singing and talking about the power of self love and mental health.

They are working on a new concept project. They wouldn’t say much except it’s more universal, more accessible, more about confidence with a message of “let’s live!” You can hear that new project and Mental Space throughout the summer; they are playing in Harmony Park July 10, with Tina and the B-Sides at the Turf Club July 17, on August 13, they are headlining at Day Block Brewing and finally there’s a Karate Camp on September 10-12.

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