New MN Music Video Premiere! Where We At Now by Phillip Saint John

Delighted to premiere Phillip Saint John’s video Where We At Now from his upcoming debut album Sun Indigo.

We had a delightful conversation with Phillip last week. His positivity and confidence are contagious and this video is the perfect example.

Prepare to find your inner child with this video. It features Phillip and his partner Mama Rose and two adorable girls figuring where they are at now. It’s a fun mix of hip hop and kids with a message of happy mental health. It’s an important message coming out of the pandemic shut down. It is the perfect time to assess where we’re at and Phillip’s video sets that stage. It’s a good time to appreciate the people around us, our talents and music. It’s time to “make friends, make noise make rhymes.”

It’s refreshingly inspirational.

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