MN Music Video: Why by Colin Bracewell and show tonight (Jul 29) with GOWNS &Durry

Why by Colin Bracewell actually came out last month but he is playing a sold out(!) tonight (July 29) at the 7th Street Entry with GOWNS and Durry so it feels like a good day to showcase it.

The song is full of torment of love loss. The video is full of violent loss. We see images of Colin in pain, almost writhing in pain. Sometimes his face is intact; others it’s badly burns on one side. It’s hard to watch the pain that he demonstrates. It’s also tormenting as a viewer – wondering how he was injured. There’s something unnerving about knowing that you’re likely to see a harmful event. It’s an interesting way to evoke a feeling at an entirely new level.

The song is about tormented love. The video is about a tormenting injury. Watching and not knowing is tormenting. It’s a fascinating approach. The add in the wildfires happening everywhere and the message turns from a song about romantic love to a song about loving our planet. The end, which I won’t ruin, is genuinely surprising.

I look forward to seeing the show today. We’ve had the privilege of having Colin Bracewell and GOWNS on our show.

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