Taylor James Donskey on the Minneapolis Songwriter Rounds at the Aster first and third Thursday nights

Taylor James Donskey is a musician, teacher and now host of the twice-monthly (first and third Thursday) Minneapolis Songwriter Rounds at the Aster Café.

These are just starting but the hope its that is becomes a time and place for songwriters to gather, connect and collaborate. If you are a songwriter who is interested in being a featured artists, I encourage you to contact Taylor and/or the Minneapolis Songwriter Rounds. The format is inspired by songwriter nights in Nashville. We certainly have songwriters of the same caliber in the Twin Cities as they have down South, we just need more opportunities to mix and mashup. For music lovers, you just need to show up ready to applaud.

We saw a lot of collaboration during the pandemic, especially with albums such as Quarantine Dream. It’s nice to see it come to the real world too.

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