Ben Miller on new music, videos and shows for solo work and The Federales and more

It’s always fun to have a chat with Ben Miller and he’s been busy with new music and videos. (I’m going to include his new video for Try to Think below because I love it. The timing of the animation is perfect. Makes me think of Wizard of Oz.)

Ben is back from NY for a few weeks. He’s playing a few shows; the most exciting sounds like Labor Day weekend in Grand Marais. The Federales will be up there playing three sets a night and they are up for requests of all shapes and sizes. Sounds like it’s definitely worth the hike up there!

We spoke a little bit about Ben’s solo work . He’s put out two singles Try to Think and White Light/White Heat. His solo work is more psychedelic. It feels like a shot back to the 1970s is the best way. That being said I also like the Americana sound of The Federales. They too recently released a new song and video – Thanks for the Broken Heart, a very thoughtful look at how a broken heart can be an opportunity for growth and learning. I’m not sure I’m sold on the message but I’m definitely sold on the music – and actually I like the sentiment too.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ben also recently contributed to Strange Medicine, a compilation album of Minnesota musicians performing covering songs written by Jamie Strange created by her brother Chris Holm. It’s a project they started last summer when Jamie was diagnosed with cancer and now serves as a wonderful memorial of her and her work. (We spoke to Chris and Jamie Last December.) Ben performs Dead of Winter with Faith Boblett.


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