Square Lake Festival features Low’s release of Hey What Sep 10 and 11

This year, Square Lake Festival is a two-day music fest featuring Low and their album release party for Hey What. It happens September 10 and 11, just outside Stillwater MN.

Paul Creager and Angela Knudson are the power behind the festival. It is on their property, they organize and run it. It began in 2003, and usually includes camping, movies, bike rides and yoga and a community of events all weekend. They have modified it (due to pandemic) to offer all of the creativity in a safe space.

There’s no camping. It’s more like two nights of festival than a two-night festival. Low will be headlining both nights. September 10 will feature Low, Gaelynn Lea, Lord Friday the 13th and post-concert viewing of Jaws.  September 11 will feature Low,  Lord Friday the 13th, Joe Rainey Sr and post-concert viewing of Jaws. The show is best experienced on a blanket on the hill surrounding the stage Paul’s dad built. You can bring your own beverages; food is available from the Icehouse.

Tickets are available for Friday night; they are looking for volunteers both nights. And I think you might win bonus points if you bring in a huge shark fin prop. (You’ll have to listen to the interview for info on that and the history of the festival.)

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