Lovely Dark on Perfectly Alive, their 3 EP mythic voyage

Lovely Dark is putting out a spectacular trio of EPs under the umbrella of Perfectly Alive, the individual EPs are Spindle, Ruler and Shears.

Sonia and Travis Even have been playing music as Lovely Dark for 10 years. They have a couple of drummers, guitar and bass player. And yes, I said a couple of drummers. Their music is part folk, part rock, hints of Celtic and Pat Benatar. They play in minor key, there’s a dark atmospheric undercurrent with an interesting percussion, yet they’re not afraid of a hint of pop and a good hook that will keep you humming for days.

The new work is a musical, mythic journey that follows the growth of a heroine through interesting transitions of regular life. They are able to elevate the everyday with the music and the lyrics. On one level, Hare Hunter Hound is a song about being both predator and prey. The inspiration is that time when we find ourselves being newly single and we’re out looking for something to scratch and itch. It’s a fresh look, a feminist look. There are feminist themes throughout the work, culminating with the last song on the last EP, Here. The song celebrates the bumps and failures on the road that make us who we are. “I’m not afraid to disappoint you,” is a line that embraces that travel to a point in life when we don’t need to care about how others perceive us.

There is art that accompanies the music. Travis is the artist. It is spectacular, not only because of the quality of the art but because the imagery is intimately entwined with the music.

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