JoJo Green releasing pop fusion album The Line Oct 22 at The Granada

JoJo Green is hosting a CD release party on Oct 22 at The Granada for the new release The Line. It’s so good they’ve coined a new genre for ii – pop fusion, which is Americana styles including Funk, Soul, Jazz, Country, and Rock.

You know how much fun it is to see a full stage of musicians mixing and melding amazing tunes. That’s JoJo Green and it was a least as much fun to talk to them all at once. We spoke with Sharisse “Jermaine” Germain (Vocals/Keyboards), Anna Dolde (Saxophone), Conner Allen (Guitar), Nancy Long (Drums) and Scott Yonke (Bass). They are like a well oiled pub quiz team; each with their own taste and specialty but stronger together.

Collectively these guys have years of experience playing a wide range of genres. That experience and knowledge shine through the music. There’s a lotta Motown in a song like Miles Apart and (I think) a hint of ska to Some Day. Musically the songs are tasty, rich and danceable.

We picked up a hint of fun in resilience in the lyrics and then we picked up some even more fun, albeit much darker, backstories after talking to them. A great group of friends bound my music and respect

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