Ian Prince and Allen Epley of Bird Hands – mesmerizing music with pedigree!

Tonight we got to talk to Ian Prince and Allen Epley of Bird Hands about their new project, new album (Machiniste) and upcoming shows.

We met Ian in studio a couple years ago to talk about Porcupine and then spoke to him last summer about several of his musical threads during the pandemic. We were excited to meet Al too; he’s involved in so much, from Blue Man Group to Third Gear Scratch.

The music of Bird Hands is mesmerizing. Makes me miss underground clubs like Secret Service where you could stake a claim in some corner and dance all night. There’s an energizing, rhythmic feel to the album that’s driving yet fun. Sounds like they made it together apart. Al would send a track to Ian. He responded and they sent it off to be mixed with few changes. It really is a process of stream consciousness and that ease permeates the sound.

So much fun to hear from world class musicians who have such respect for each other and the musicians around them. This is what they do and they are very good at it. They have, as Al said, successfully dodged the easy shot to the top but that has given them the gift of longevity and authenticity.

They have a few shows booked in Chicago. Heather did an awesome job convincing them to play in Minneapolis so maybe once they perfect the stage show in Chicago they can came bring it to us in the Twin Cities. Bonus info: Al’s band Shiner is playing at the Turf Club on December 12.

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