Mostly MN Music with The Cold Casuals – theme spooky

We had a spooktacular time with our Halloween themed show today. Thanks to folks to made recommendations – next week’s theme is covers: covered of MN songs, covers from MN bands or for extra credit MN bands covering MN songs.

We were thrilled to have The Cold Casuals join us in the studio today. Last time we spoke to them, they were a trio looking for a band. Good news they found one – and she’s awesome. We had the whole crew: Wyatt Lawson (Vocals and Guitar), Dylan Breyer (Guitar and Drums) and Charlie Wichmann (Bass) and Jane Halldorson (Drums). They also brought of two hot off the presses songs: Cherries and Everything Little Thing. Actually they are hot off the pre-press. Most of the band was listening to the raw version of Cherries for the first time as we were. It was fun to see how much they enjoyed it.

They have a couple of shows coming up: at Blush in Duluth and on November 18 at the Seventh Street Entry.

Note are brief today as we race up to the Lake Monster Halloween show – hope to see you there. (You can listen to the playlist on Spotify and see the songs below.)

Artist Song Release
Annie Fitzgerald Spellbound You & Me & the Sun
Cows Death In the Tall Weeds Sorry In Pig Minor
Catbath Gremlin Table Scraps
d’Lakes Palace of Good Karma (Halloween) Unforgettable Fear – EP
Swallows The Boneyard In the Shadow of the Seven Stars
The Immaculate Beings Welcome, To the Other Side. Mental Space.
K.C. McKee Washed Off My Sin Fools
Kiernan Tollefson If We Don’t Wake Up If We Don’t Wake Up – Single
Zoo Animal Ghostly Arms Departure
Cloud Cult No Hell The Seeker
Turn Turn Turn Ghosted Can’t Go Back
Annie Humphrey Spirit Horses The Heron Smiled
Erik Koskinen Devil’s Blues Keep it To Yourself
Lovely Dark Cradled in Bone New Born
Venus de Mars & All the Pretty Horses Damage and Razor Blades 10 Bones
Graveyard Club Witchcraft Goodnight Paradise
Freaque In the Dark Decompose – EP
Halloween, Alaska All the Arms Around You Halloween, Alaska
Jeremy Messersmith A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard The Reluctant Graveyard
The Makeouts Witchu  


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