Erik Koskinen on Burning the Deal, New Video tomorrow (Nov 16) and show at Uptown VFW on Nov 19

Erik Koskinen is a long-time favorite of mine going back to his days at Real Phonic Radio. Fun to talk about his latest release, Burning the Deal, upcoming video got Down in the Factory and his show Friday November 19 at the Uptown VFW.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune called Erik the best country songwriter in Minnesota and today we got a glimpse into how that happens. Erik writes songs for the everyman, he writes about love and he writes about David beating (or at least competing with!) Goliath. He always has. We took a deep dive into Down in the Factory, a song about people doing rote tasks all day long and the impact that has on us individually and as a community – even for those of us who don’t work in factory or out plowing a field. Erik writes with an authenticity that comes straight from the heart, whether the story is his or now.

We are looking forward to hearing the music he’s working on now too. It sounds like, at least one album’s worth of new is a series of love songs written from a new perspective (because he’s in a good place love wise) against the backdrop of our lost year of pandemic and civic unrest in Minneapolis. He spent the first part of the pandemic working in the fields, literally on a combine with the neighbors. But the during the second half the music came. He wrote and sent the new songs to folks in his world and a whole new world of collaboration has opened for him. Now he just needs to find time off of touring and playing on albums of other people to get these songs.

He may have mentioned more shows in the near future too!

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