Mostly MN Music with Cole Allen and musical theme of food and drink

We met a lovely musician today on the show, Cole Allen. Originally from Minneapolis, Cole now lives in Rochester. He has been playing music since he was 13; his dad plays music as does his wife Sena Ehrhardt, plays music too. In fact, they often play together.

Cole comes from a bluesy rock background but his new work is a departure; it acoustic, personal and very honest. He found himself getting sober, living a better life and taking care of himself and the album is like a soundtrack to that transition. The music sounds great; the themes inspire us to want to be better. The music is ripe to help people make better changes in their life – not at all in a preaching way but in an Americana empowering way.

We also listened to a lot of songs about food and drink. You are see the playlist (in reserve order) below or check out our aspirational playlist on Spotify. It includes the songs we wanted to play but ran out of time.

We will be back in the studio next week and the theme is travel in honor of the many people who will be traveling for Thanksgiving.

Artist Song Release
Buffalo Fuzz Buffalo Stomp Vol. II
Eli Gardiner The Water Virginia Rose
Alina Maria Beady Eyes Beady Eyes – Single
Lizzo juice Cuz I Love You
Savannah Smith Brine Leo
Martin Devaney (Friends Don’t Let Friends) Drink and Dial La Mancha
Golden Smog Pecan Pie Down By the Old Mainstream
The Honeydogs Piece of Cake (Jun 1919) Island of Misfits
High on Stress White Sugar Cop Light Parade
Bash & Pop On the Rocks Anything Could Happen
Black Eyed Snakes Cheerios On the Floor It’s the Black Eyed Snakes
Cornbread Harris and Friends Candy Man Cornbread Supreme Volume 1
The Belfast Cowboys Booze Talkin’ The Upside to the Downslide
Bad Bad Hats Milky Way Walkman
26 BATS! Teriyaki Sundress Teriyaki Sundress – Single
The Federales Guitars and Grain Belt Blues, Bourbon & Burritos
Erik Koskinen Six Pack of Beer and a Pack of Cigarettes America Theatre
Humbird Fresh Water Where Else – EP
Mary Bue Apple in the Ocean Apple in the Ocean
The Bad Man Wally the Beer Man Laughing with Bad Teeth
Porch Knights Cherry Apple I A Little Darkness to Get You Going
Jordan Carr Rail Vodka Rail Vodka – Single
Art Vandalay Architects Champagne & Chandeliers

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