Ben Noble Hideaway EP dreamy release at Turf Club

December starts strong with Ben Noble’s release of his latest EP Hideaway at the Turf Club. It’s sleepy and dreamy in the best way. The show set a really nice tone to an otherwise busy month.

Never Happened Before feels atmospheric with a building mood and, especially in the live performance, Ben’s soft voice rises above the water of calm in a way that highlights the moodiness of the song. The Hideaway captures the seasons of the year, in the lyrics but in the sound as well. You can hear the wind roar and breeze. Ben has such a unique voice, Blood Moon showcases the melody of it.

Ben also played some of his older music. It was fun to hear him with the full band. The sound is part electronic, part brushed ambient and part rocking. The crowd was great and folks were enjoying the show.

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