BoDeans at the Dakota building community and bringing us back to easier days

It was a walk down memory lane Friday night at the Dakota Jazz Café with the BoDeans leading with the soundtrack of our youth. They played four shows in two nights and at least our show was sold out and everyone was singing.

I spoke with Kurt Neumann earlier this week and got a glimpse into what gets him on stage and it’s all about community. Community means inviting everyone to sing along to their favorite songs. It was refreshing to hear that perspective and fun to see in practice. Introducing Fadeaway, Kurt announced, “this is a singalong song.” I overheard the woman next to me gleefully say, “they’re all singalongs!” That was the spirit.

The band sounds great. Kurt allowed he was a little slow moving due to a bad back but they sounded just like they sounded in the 80s, 90s and beyond. The music is uplifting and the crowd was eager to be lifted.

And there’s a build to set. By the time they got to If I Could Hold You Tonight, folks were up and dancing – at least in the balcony. Folks were having a great time and it was a fantastic way to break away from the real world, go back to some favorite memories and prepare for the holidays.

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