Kurt Neumann on the upcoming BoDeans shows (Dec 16 & 17) at the Dakota Jazz Club

Lucky to spend some time with Kurt Neuman, front man and founder of BoDeans talking about their new music, Staring at the World podcast and upcoming shows at the Dakota Jazz Club. They have two shows a night for two nights in a row on December 16 and 17 and starting at 7pm and full band at 9pm.

Kurt talks a lot of about community and the role of music to bring a community together. I think that was true in a sense that many of us didn’t understand in 1987 when the BoDeans were named Best New Band in 1987. We were all younger then but also it was a simpler time. Community was about fun and shared experiences. BoDeans’ music is quite literally the soundtrack to our growing up – starting with Closer to Free (theme for Party of Five). The BoDeans continue to make music and it continues show up in places that make it part of our social patchwork. Kurt has written many songs for The Ranch – and we got to talk about that too.

During COVID, Kurt kept himself busy with music (2020 Vision and an album coming out this spring) and a new venture – Staring at the World, a podcast where Kurt talks to guests about creativity, what sparks it and what sustains it. Fun to talk to someone who loves what he’s very good at doing. He mentioned that he often gets asked if he gets tired of playing the hits. He doesn’t because he feeds off the energy from the people in the room. I look forward to being part of that energy at his show later this week!

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