Lizz Winstead Bangs the Dumb Slowly in a comedy purge of 2021 at The Cedar Dec 30 and 31

You’ve got to laugh or you’d cry at the world today and if you need help seeing some of the humor be sure to check out Lizz Winstead’s show, Bang the Dumb Slowly: A Comedy Purge of 2021 at the Cedar Cultural Center Dec 30 or 31 with musical guests Sam Breckenridge and Ben Abrahamson.  (The music was soothing; love an instrumental twist on a favorite 80s hit.)

I won’t say you’ll see the lighter side, Lizz gets into the mire but at least you won’t feel alone and that sense of community cannot be overrated. A roomful of people laughing is a powerful inspiration to keep going.

The year started out with the insurrection of January 6 and Lizz profiles both the inside and outside actors of that failed coup. She doesn’t even get to COVID until 30 minutes into the set! That’s a bad sign for the year that was in it. We get a few glimmers of hope with the convictions of Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter but even that’s offset by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in Wisconsin, aka the Texas of the Midwest.

A segment of the show is focused on abortion rights, Lizz is the founder of Abortion Access Front (AAF), “a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights.” They do shows across the US that draw attention to need to secure our reproduction rights. They collect funds in states like Minnesota, where abortion is constantly challenged but yet in peril, to support teams in states like Texas, where the battle is heated and the deck is stacked. Roe v Wade is in jeopardy, the Supreme Court is set up to take away a women’s right to choose unless we act now.

At the end of the show, Lizz invites the audience to donate to AAF; we are hear to report that most do. (We volunteered at donation bucket holders last night.) On a personal note, we appreciate and thank Lizz for her work. We especially thank her for the quick video posted below that we have been sharing on Women’s March Minnesota channels. But mostly thanks for the cheer and inspiration!

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