Mother Banjo starts Monday residency at the 331 Club in January

Ellen Stanley is founder and lead of Mother Banjo, host of KFAI’s Womenfolk Radio and works to promote other musicians. She wears a lot of hats and she’ll be wearing them all at once Monday nights at the 331 Club starting a 8pm in January as Mother Banjo plays and hosts other folk and bluegrass musicians. On the final Mondays Womenfolk Radio will provide a hearty appetizer starting at 6pm.

Always fun to catch up with Ellen and New Year’s Day was a great day to hear about all of the fun she is setting up for the month. First the residency. She will be playing with the full band every Monday, although the lineup of the band may be fluid due to schedules, weather and the pandemic life we’re all leading. They will be joined by guests including (but not limited to!) Emily Haavik, Ben Cook-Feltz, Ted Hajnasiewicz and Taylor James Donskey. It’ll be a great time to hear old songs and new as well as some fun collaborations. Again this will be happening through January as the Roe Family Singers will be taking a break and the show will be followed by Matt Arthur.

The Womenfolk show at the 331 is also moving to the last Monday of the month. It’s an early show (6-7:60); so easy to get your grove on and get a good night sleep. January Women will start with Annie Mack and Mary Cutrufello.

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