New MN Music Video: No Right by Loki’s Folly

Our friends Loki’s Folly has a new video for No Right with their new lineup including siblings Annie (age 20), Nissa (age 15) and newest member Oskar (age 11).

No Right is the first single from their debut album Sisu which will be out on May 20, 2022. The sound is pure Minneapolis punk. The ethos “what right do you have to look at me” is bold in a way that only a young band can pull off. It doesn’t feel bitter, just empowering. The video shows the fun and fashion of the band and the family camaraderie with scenes from around the Twin Cities and hints from history. They are a band where you can choose to see the tip of their iceberg of talent or look closer to see how deep they get.

We had a chance to talk to them last summer when Oskar had just joined the band. Always a fun conversation!

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