Surge and the Swell with releases new LP (Offering) at Icehouse on March 5

Tonight we spoke with Aaron Cabbage and Adan Levy about a new project Surge and the Swell and the upcoming release of Offering (March 4) with a release party at the Icehouse on March 5.

Surge and the Swell is both a solo project (for Aaron) and a collaboration – like the push of a surge forms the swell of something bigger. It sounds like the longer the swell continues the more it swirls into a deeper collaboration. Partners include Adam Levy on Guitar and Production (Turn Turn Turn, Honeydogs), Noah Levy on Drums/Percussion, (Brian Setzer, Peter Frampton, Golden Smog), Isaac Levy on Bass, Guitars, Katie Gearty on Vocals, Sarah Souder on Vocals, Steve Wold on Mandolin/Dobro and Matthew Kirkwold on Guitars.

Fun to talk about the music, which is very water based in illusion and often the sounds remind me of seaside towns or Northern Minnesota. The themes revolve around shared human experience – like Hard Work, making Mistakes or desire for One Long Conversation. There’s an undercurrent of acceptance or learning to accept, which leads to the next song of acceptance. The songs convey a feeling through vignettes more than personal story.

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