New MN Music: Milk Tooth and Hull by Greta Ruth

We spoke to Greta Ruth about a year ago (March 2021) about her then new release Fawn. It had an experimental folk feel with intriguing videos. Greta gave us a sneak peek of two songs releasing today: Milk Tooth and Hull. Originally, these were going to be vocal interludes in Fawn, they a step deeper into the experimental.

There’s something very other-worldly about her voice. It’s eerie and feels very raw. Like the music on her album, the sound of Greta’s music has the power to evoke base feelings. The music is very powerful; like casting a spell. Milk Tooth feels like you’re being pulled or coaxed into a woods. It’s a little scary but the action feels inevitable While Hull, feels like you’re in the woods. It’s not comforting but resolute.

Some music you hear and some you experience. These are definitely song you experience.

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