Appreciating Maren Longfellow: Ardent music fan and supporter

Maren Longfellow was more than a music fan – she was a music helper. Like the rest of the community, we were shocked and saddened to hear about her death earlier this month from health complications.

Maren was a mom and she always delighted in talking about her son, who recently turned 21. She had a great interest in Earthships. She planned to start an internship to learn more about them and was nearly there with her kickstarter campaign to attend a Earthship Biotecture  in New Mexico.

But, most of us will remember Maren from the music. She was amazing at selling merchandise; she hustled and was very persuasive. I have at least one unneeded shirt because of her. She was also great with promotions, pictures, building a buzz for a band or making connections for the Twin Cities music scene in general.

Maren was outgoing and generous in spirit. She “snuck” me into a few sold out shows to “help” her. If she saw you coming, she’d pull up a chair. If she saw your table across the room, she’d find a way move them together. She could introduce you to strangers like you already knew them; she knew just how to make the in-crowd bigger. She was well loved and respected; I’ve gathered some comments from others, with permission.

From Turn Turn Turn (Barb Brynstad, Adam Levy, Savannah Smith): We’re devastated to learn about the untimely passing of our sweet friend and super-supporter of all Minnesota musicians, @marmarsuperstar_. She was an enthusiastic fixture at our gigs, helping with promotion, selling merch, photographing the shows, spreading the word about the band … the list is endless. We are forever grateful to have known Maren, and our hearts go out to her family.

From Richard Medek: She gave every ounce of energy and love into the people she called her friends, and even more into a camaraderie of musicians she tirelessly supported. I was never friends with Maren until, one day, I was. She was at the front row of so many shows I’ve played over the years it was hard to imagine it any other way.

From Timbre Ghost (Dustin Tessier): Maren, thank you. Thank you for your ceaseless faith in the goodness left in this world. It’s a shock to hear you’re no longer with us. I believe you finished your work here, and I’m so grateful to have known you. Be well, my dear friend. Rest In Peace Mar

Maren did not always have an easy time. She had health issues and she survived some difficult interactions. Her resilience was impressive and her ability rise above with grace was admirable. She will be missed by many.

(Thanks to Gina Smith for pictures.)

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