MN Music Video Premiere: You Are by Jesse Norell

We are pleased to premiere the video for You Are by Jesse Norell. It is off his recently released album, Aorta Borealis, which is raising Down syndrome awareness. The song is great, the video is charming. Take a time out to watch and cheer up.

We got a chance to talk to Jesse about Aorta Borealis in February. Speaking specifically about You Are, Jesse says, “I wrote it to let my daughter know I love her and that she should ignore any limits that society places on her. My hope is that parents everywhere will sing this to their kids. The music video features kids with Down syndrome and I hope it brings awareness and joy. Sean McElwee from the Emmy Award-winning show “Born This Way” makes an appearance as well! Share with someone to brighten their day!”

The story of Jesse and his daughter Alyssa is heartwarming. He does a great job talking (and singing) about the fears of a parent with a child, especially a baby, with potentially life threatening illness. (Alyssa underwent several surgeries in her first years.) He also sings about the joys of a daughter who is surviving and thriving. This song especially celebrates the joy and nothing does it better than the smiling faces of kids.

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