MN Music Video Premiere: Recall by Perry Project

We are delighted to premiere Recall by Perry Project. It is a sneak peek at the upcoming album Liars, Fires, which will be released April 8!

The sound of the song is gentle and nostalgic – as is the footage. Visually, it’s a collection of old family videos. It’s not my family, I’m not even sure if the video is from Minnesota but it feels familiar and cozy. The lyrics are less cozy. They are mysterious and potentially dark or at least there’s the potential of a dark past, especially a dark past that has been misremembered. Or maybe a it’s the story of someone thinking back into childhood after learning about a perspective they didn’t have as a child.

We are hoping to chat with Perry Project in the upcoming weeks; I can’t wait to hear more about the song. It will make you think!

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