Perry Project on Liars, Fires releasing April 8

Perry Project is releasing a new EP, Liars, Fires on April 8. It’s a pensive and moody EP born during the pandemic with increased electronica and keen observations to lift the mood. You can see him play at the Hootenanny in Hastings on April 30.

Always fun to talk to Tracy Perry of Perry Project. We spoke last in summer of 2019; it was a different time and Tracy was talking about the power of saying yes. Turns out the power of yes got him to take on an EP during the pandemic. The ethos of many of the songs is somber but that burst of reality is buoyed with unique soundscapes and clever lyrics. Fun to talk to Tracy about the sounds and how he’s used conversations played backwards in the music. Something that adds a depth to the song each time you listen to it. A bolder version of that is the radio voice start of Laugh Track that leads into a ha ha ha to introduce the song.

The lyrics uplift the music as well such as in Time Waster, “ don’t call me your time waster; you live in a restaurant.” And I like the line even more when I hear that Tracy was thinking literally of the hospitality industry. Often I think he lyrics are more well phrased literal observations that hit a universal note. Recall is a song that could be on personal memory, or our collective cultural memory of the summer of 2020. You can take it in on so many levels.

Liars, Fires is inspired by the times we live in but made deeper and more universal with straightforward lyrics and enriching soundscapes.

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