Bad Posture Club with Kenan Serenbetz at the Icehouse: A breath of easy

Bad Posture Club is a Minneapolis-based folk duo made up of Maren Day and Morgan Kavanagh. The name of the band, I found out last night, is borrowed from a support group they belonged to of mildly depressed people collectively setting attainable goals – like read a book this week. The story says so much.

Their voices are beautiful – gentle but clear and they grow stronger together. The write about refreshingly homey topics. There’s a song for a mom and a grandma and working hard. It’s very honest music, without being confessional. It’s sweet without being saccharine. They tell stories by lifting up details and images such as, “My parents met at an AA meeting…” Who doesn’t want to hear the rest of that song or read the rest of the novel?

There’s a lingering hint of the depressed collective but as seen through the other side – especially with lines like, “Waiting around to die gets mighty old when you’re still alive.” It’s a gentle prod to positivity (lyrically and musically) from folks who seem like they keep a toe in both worlds, in a very pragmatic way.

Opening for the Bad Posture Club was Kenan Serenbetz, joined by members of the Bad Posture Club and others. Kenan’s music is very calming and plant-focused. It felt like having a full band in a music box on stage.

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