Jazzy and J-WLKR on Catalyst Music Artist Collective for young performers

Earlier this year, we spoke with artist, teacher, producer and positive force, Chadwick “Niles” Phillips. He talked about the Catalyst Music Artist Collective, an initiative for young performers ages 14-24. Tonight we got to speak to two of those young performers J-WLKR and Jazzy. You can see them both perform at the (new all ages venue) Treasury grand opening celebration on April 21, 2022.

Both are so talented. J-WLKR is a rapper, singer-songwriter and beats producer. He performs with a great passion. Jazzy is an R&B artist and singer-songwriter. Jazzy’s compassion for community comes through in song. Both were confident and charming. I think the charm was probably nature, but both spoke about how the Collective has helped build their confidence on stage and off. In fact, while both mentioned having a love of music from a very young age but both were on the shy side. Fast forward a few years and each has performed in the Catalyst Music series The Next livestreamed from The Garage. Jazzy performed in Volume 3; J-WLKR in Volume 5.

Interesting to talk about the impact of the program but also about being a young person, a young artist during this strange time. Both have a song inspired by the pandemic: Am I the Only One? by Jazzy and Lonely Nights by J-WLKR. Musically very different but thematically both demonstrate the frustration and yearning for community. Their music just what the community needs – giving voice and starting conversation that makes community.

I think we will be seeing more from these artists. They are building a career and legacy that will should make their future selves proud.

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