Mostly MN Music with Phillip Saint John – theme moms

Big thanks to Phillip St John for coming onto the show with absolutely no advance warning when our scheduled guest had car trouble. It was great to chat about and hear a few songs from his upcoming album Divine Wisdom coming out May 25.

We had an opportunity to talk to Phillip last summer when his EP Sun Indigo was released. The latest music maintains the positive outlook and ability to cheer although the story the album tells includes hard stuff – like a friend breakup and his stuff can get a little weird in a good way. But it’s a healing story and one from which listeners can learn. Also interesting to hear his process and his interesting approach to collaboration. He is very deliberate but gives himself space to play and grow.

Also a treat to have Phillip play live for us!

And we listened to songs about moms; you can listen to the playlist on Spotify and see what we played below…

Artist Song Release
Faith Boblett Michelle Take Care
Katy Vernon Somebody’s Daughter’s Daughter Suit of Hearts
Erik Koskinen Devil’s Blues Keep it To Yourself
Metoompls On the Shoulders of Giants (feat. Elska) Metoompls
Dessa Children’s Work A Badly Broken Code
Why Not Pink Hat Pink Hat – Single
Martin Zellar & The Hardways Blown Kisses Two Guitars, Bass & Drums – Live
Annie Mack Love Tell It Like It Is – EP
Nur-D BandAid 38th
Brianna Kocka Lullaby Dreamlife
Superior Siren For Mother Superior Siren
Mae Simpson Home Did You Make It Back
Durry Who’s Laughing Now Who’s Laughing Now – Single
Kiss the Tiger Mama Let Me Bleed
Paul Westerberg MamaDaddyDid Eventually
Sugar Granny Cool File Under – Easy Listening (Deluxe Edition)
Ol’ Yeller Diapers Good Luck
Tyler McAninch The Yellow Finch The Glue That Held Us Together
Tragic Hands Ham for Days Pillow on the Sofa

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