Friday Night Midwest Music Fest – party in the rain

It always seems to rain during Midwest Music Fest – and it doesn’t really matter because the music is so good. I was able to go down for one night with my daughter Lily. We had a great time bouncing between venues. Sadly, the big stage at the Levee was rained out most of the night – but there were stages at the Island Brewing and Peters that we outside and covered enough to be fun yet, maintain that festival feel. (Ed’s) No Name and the Eagles were also rocking on night. And the Acoustic Café brought in the chill.

The stages are well curated – although had to be juggled a little due to the closed stage and some last minute cancellations. I was delighted to see some of my favorite women front and center – with Mae Simpson and Meghan Kreidler with Kiss the Tiger. Saw a few bands that were new to me Lapdogs, Author, Heart to Gold and Lily’s favorite of the night – Products, which I also enjoyed. A little mellow Mike Munson in the middle and rounded the night in and out with a big dance with Space Monkey Mafia at the with The Shackletons.

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