MN Music Premiere: New Dress by Jonatha Brooke & The Cello Songs Project

We are thrilled to premiere the video for New Dress by Jonatha Brooke with The Cello Songs Project (a collaboration of Johnatha, Rebecca Arons and Adi Yeshaya). We are also pleased to share that they will be performing together June 24 at the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church.

The song is beautiful, classical. The quality of playing is spectacular. There’s a hopeful lightness in the instruments. There’s a sincerity and gravity to Jonatha’s voice that fits so well with the lyrics. It is as if the music is helping her to put down all of the “things she carries at last.”

It’s been a hard few years for all of us and it’s been a tough week (with the school shooting in Texas this week) but we all aspire to that feeling of a new dress. It’s hopeful in its attainable simplicity. The music mirrors that simplicity born of artists who know what they are doing so well that it’s easy and comforting to take in.

More about the performance:
The Cello Songs Project will present a program at The Art Gallery at Hennepin Avenue United Church that will include world premiere performances of Jonatha’s poetic folk/pop songs as well as the debut of the new string quartet “Children’s Theme” by composer Adi– dedicated to the children of Ukraine and performed by the STRINGenius Quartet.

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