New Music Video: Piece by Piece by Katy Tessman – and show on June 9 at 318 Cafe

Need a little inspiration? Check out Piece by Piece by Katy Tessman – and know that you can see her live on June 9 at the 318 Cafe in Excelsior.

The song is about how Katy pieced her life back together after her courageous and victorious battle with cancer 12 years ago. It’s about living to watch her sons grow up; they were quiet young when she was diagnosed. In fact, this is a song that she worked on with them.

The song is sweet, the video might be sweeter. It is the purest form of love song and given recent happenings (mass shootings in TX last week) it is heartbreaking and inspiring at once. It’s a reminder of appreciate what we have. Katy’s voice clear voice is an honest and soothing narrator.

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