New MN Music Video: The Devil’s in the Details by Cindy Lawson

We love Cindy Lawson‘s Cindy Lawson’s new album, her story and now her new video for The Devil’s in the Details…

We had a chance to talk to Cindy in March. The quick story is that Cindy (who was in the The Clams in the 80s) has come back to music. She is a feminist with a background and empowered to be strong and girly.

The song and the video remind me of Tracy Ulman’s They Don’t Know about Love. There’s something both retro and modern about it. It has that late 1960s garage vibe with a sort of sad girl undercurrent but there’s hope in the song. The video is filmed at Hifi Hair and stars proprietor Jon Clifford. He is the kindest and a great supporter of music so it’s fun to see him.

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