EVENTS: June 4 & June 8: MN Musicians for Ukraine Concerts

Musicians for Ukraine MN is hosting two upcoming benefit shows:

Musicians for Ukraine is one Ukrainian-American’s effort to do just that: It’s a series of benefit concerts in Minnesota—hosted by singer-composer Natalie Nowytski. (We had the opportunity to see Natalie live at the Island of Discarded Women podcast taping in March, 2022. She’s great!)

Musicians for Ukraine features volunteer musicians and storytellers from the Ukrainian diaspora and its allies, and presented by generous venues who donate their space to ensure as many aid dollars can reach Ukraine as possible. All proceeds from the evening go to Stand With Ukraine MN, an initiative by the Ukrainian Community in Minnesota to ensure aid dollars are sent to the most needed areas of Ukraine.

It’s great to see the music community supporting Ukrainians. It’s a fun way for audience to hear good music and feel good about the night!

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