Gregg Hall’s Echoes from the Treetops release at the Hook & Ladder July 8

The release for Gregg Hall’s solo album, Echoes from the Treetops, is happening at the Hook & Ladder July 8. He’s also hosting a music festival, Cheech’s Deecefest in La Crosse WI on the las weekend of July.

Echoes from the Treetops is both a departure from and culmination of musical past. Gregg calls the music driftless rock, which is perfect. There are songs about travel (Rambling Man) and songs about Going Home, there’s a song about Standing Still. You can feel the magnetic pull of wandering versus nesting between the songs and for many of us, it’s a familiar feeling.

The music is guitar forward for sure (and it’s awesome), but it’s not straight up country or singer songwriter. There are surprises in the sounds. Feeling the Light is swampy, rocking and strong; while Love Withstands has a distinct 1980s pop punk beat.

You can also hear the influences of Gregg’s community in the music. Clearly, it’s in the cast of musicians on the bill but he weaves in allusions to Big Wu and White Iron Band in the lyrics. Gregg spoke about being five years sober and how that has helped him bring his music to a higher, more organized level but also helped deepen his community roots. His music is place-based and that place is the Midwest – more specifically La Crosse. The album reflects it.

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