Singers step outside of the band with Venus DeMars 331 residency: Jim Walsh, Megan Kreidler and Sally Linda

The Twin Cities has the best residencies (when someone adopts a regular gig at a venue and invites friends to join) because we have such a wide range of excellent musicians. Venus DeMars has been hosting Tuesdays in July called Live from Mars. Last night (July 19) featured Jim Walsh (host of Hootenanny), Megan Kreidler (Kiss the Tiger), Sally Linda (Big Salt) and Venus herself. Each singer left their band behind, or at least most of the band, and played a pared down version of their usual show.

Speaking to the performers after their show or based on remarks from the stage, each was nervous for the performance. Well, some were terrified. Sally noted that it was a good growth opportunity, whether she wanted it to be or not.

For the audience, it was exciting to see something entirely different from each performer. Jim played music that featured images of the Twin Cities. He’s a consummate storyteller and Twin Cities booster. Megan played songs I hadn’t heard before and amazed us with her mouth bugle. I had not seen Sally play before but loved a set full of modified covers and one original. Venus capped off the night with requests and an amazing Bowie number. Much as I love their bands, solo performances are a reminder of their raw talent and creativity. But better to catch a few videos and see for yourself.

Next week, the show will include Venus DeMars & All the Pretty Horses and Trading Faces.

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