Premiere! MN Music Video: What You Wanted by Present Company

You know what you didn’t know you needed today but is going to change your day for the better? The Little House on the Prairie themed video What you Wanted by Present Company.

The creativity of Present Company’s videos is stellar – almost as much as awesome as their live shows. They are so clever. This time they have reenacted The Little House on the Prairie opening theme. I was tempted to watch the actual theme to see how close they got, but being honest, I don’t have to – I grew up up with four TV channels and I watched Little House a thousand times. They nailed it. Casting Seth Lemme as Baby Grace – a stretch I bought into immediately.

The music is not reminiscent of Little House. The vocals have that basement-low. will-reverberate-in-your-body feel. The music has an 1980s modernized sound that makes you want to dance like you’re in a Psychedelic Furs video. The lyrics are something completely different, an imploring for a second chance. What I love about Present Company is that they can blend so many things that shouldn’t work but they do except there’s always a nagging incongruity that keeps it very interesting.

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