Big Star’s #1 Record at 50 – a Big Star Tribute at the Parkways on September 9

Friday night (Sep 9), The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis is hosting a gathering of local musicians to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Big Star’s #1 Record in 1972. We wanted to share a sneak preview. It’s just a sampling of a rehearsal but you can hear already that the musicians are able to stay true to the original and add their own spice to the dish.

The album was the first to be released by the legendary Memphis band, led by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell; it began a career that was brilliant, history-changing and a commercial disaster. Big Star is the poster child of critically acclaimed bands that never charted. And while we love our Minnesota artists, it’s everything we love about music – art over capitalism.

The show includes a wide range of Minneapolis artists: Jimi Allison (Wrecker Brothers), Bart Bakker (27 Various), Tommy Bentz, Billy Dankert, Annie Enneking (Annie and the Bang Bang), Joe Fahey, Michael Ferrier (Fathom Lane), Ben Glaros, Brian Just, Mike and Kiki Lane, Cindy Lawson, Nick Leet (High on Stress), Jerry Lefkowitz, Stephanie Paquin & Maureen Rudd (American Housewife), Chris Perricelli (Little Man) and Scott Wooldridge.

More info on the upcoming show:

What: “Big Star’s #1 Record at 50” an anniversary tribute to Big Star’s first album
Who: Approximately 20 local musicians.
When: Sept. 9, 2022, doors open at 7 pm.
Where: The Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, 55417
How much: $18 advance, $25 day of show

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