Present Company presents newest album Present Company at The Entry September 9

Fun to have a chat with Christian Nelson and Eddy Chisham from  Present Company before their album release at The Entry tonight (September 9). The music is great – and rumor has it there will be flowers and other antics on stage.

Present Company is a band that thinks in all dimensions. Their videos are clever. Their stage presence is engaging. The music is generally upbeat, alluring and eminently danceable. But that’s the hard candy shell that makes the depth of their lyrics easier to take in. Their songs are commentary on relationships and society – often at the same time.

It’s Not Looking Good is a song that started out with a very personal origin and then expanded to include a verse on society and then one on family dynamics. Dead Plants is a song I will listen to again and again just to take in the implications of “watering dead plants.” There’s so much to learn in the music. Although tonight I’m going to let the lyrics pass through on the dancefloor. It’s like they’ve invested a new form of osmosis bringing in knowledge and feelings through music and dance.

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