New MN Music Video: Carl’s Chuckwagon by Little Lizard

Love a video that feels like art with cool electronic pop punk – so I’m delighted with Carl’s Chuckwagon by Little Lizard.

I can’t tell if it’s a love letter or some sort of culinary snuff film featuring sandwiches and condiments. But I can tell it’s very fun. It’s the video you would have liked to have made as a kid and that nostalgia of childhood or as bandmembers, Lizz D. and Shea Daniel, would say – it will make you regret quitting band class in school. It will bring you back to a time before you cared if things were cool – you just wanted them to be fun. And that brings us the wide array of instruments from trombone, bass drum machine beats, synthesizers, vocal samples and theremin. The combination works like a well-balanced, deli sandwich!

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