EVENT Sep 16: Tribute to Shania Twain & Fundraiser for Our Justice Abortion Assistance Fund

There are a couple of noteworthy shows this weekend that are great opportunities to hear amazing music and feel good about it. Friday is the (third?) annual Tribute to Shania Twain at the Turf Club. It includes a lineup of amazing female and nonbinary performers and always benefits an organization that benefits female and nonbinary folks. This year it’s Our Justice and particularly their Abortion Assistance Fund.

Our Justice’s abortion assistance fund and lodging program provides direct funding for abortion appointments and hotel stays for Minnesota patients. You do not need to be a Minnesota resident to apply for assistance, you will just need to have an appointment with a Minnesota provider or a provider within our service area.

The lineup includes a host of familiar names. One of the things I always love about this show is that while some songs are solos (with the extraordinary backup of A Little Too Short to be Stormtroopers), many songs are collaborations. It always sounds great and so heartwarming to see performers have so much fun together.

Performers include:

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