EVENT Sep 17: Rock It For the Ukraine! at Palmer’s Patio

We don’t do a lot of upcoming events but the cause is good and the lineup is better. First the cause…

Proceeds from this benefit will be going to the Protez Foundation. The Protez Foundation are a non-profit currently helping victims of the Ukraine-Russian war get free prosthetics. While in the U.S. they are getting rehab and psychological care free of charge. The costs are taken care of by those who donate to The Protez Foundation. Please click the link here for more information about The Protez Foundation.

And the lineup – with set times, which makes me so happy:

It’s a great location; we should be soaking it up as the seasons change. The music is amazing. Lots of hard driving garage band sounds happening. Plenty to get you to dance or relax or open your wallet for an extra donation to the folks impacted by the Ukraine-Russian war. Also gotta love a set list that is female forward. There’s a place for dudes in music for sure – but love to see women playing the late sets!

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