New MN Music Video: Fire Escape by JoJo Green – with a show at Gluek’s on Sep 30

JoJo Green has a new video out for Fire Escape about life in the city. It’s an upbeat jazzy pop fusion song with a fun video and a taste of what you’ll hear at the EP release show on September 30 at Gluek’s in downtown Minneapolis.

The music is so easy and  makes you feel good when you listen to it. The drumbeat is smooth, the horns are jazzy, the keyboard is like a walk down an interesting alley.

The video is like a day out with friends. I love that the video is filmed in St Paul. You can see parts of the city skyline from the inside while JoJo is singing about Lake Shore Drive, which has to be Chicago. In fact, I think of Fire Escapes being more of a Chicago construct but the video brings it on home to the Twin Cities. There’s an insider feel to the video that draws us in to feeling like an insider.

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