New MN Music Video: Hard To Be Broken with Mad Mojo Jett

Mad Mojo Jett is busy these days. They have a bunch of shows coming up in the Twin Cities (details below), Debut EP extended play release ‘Get Your Mind Straight’ and a super fun video for Hard To Be Broken.

It’s always interesting to see a video from a band you’ve seen plan live a bunch of times. Never sure what to expect but turns out the video is a based on the members playing live so it fit well with expectations. The songs is one of those that sounds upbeat until you listen to the words. Probably a little bit like how many of us walk around in life. It has that garage rock sound that makes it hard to stay seated. The video captures details of each member that you might not catch at a live show – without feeling like a creeper. It brings the band closer home.

Mad Mojo Jett will be doing an album release residency for the month of September at Mortimer’s Bar in Minneapolis. Catch them Saturday, October 29, they are part of A Halloweener Celebration: John Waters at the Parkway.

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