Amanda B Perry unveils My Time with Sarah Morris at KJ’s Hideaway

Amanda B Perry looked and felt right at home releasing her beautiful new album My Time at KJ’s Hideaway. And she was surrounded by good friends on and off stage.

We shared Amanda’s new video for Change (off the album) earlier this month and got a change to cyber chat in fall 2020 but last night was the first chance I got to meet her in person. She is at least as glamorous and gracious in the flesh as on screen. Her music is at least as touching. The newest album feels like a woman coming into her own. It includes self-reflection and fighting against self-doubt to come into self-love and appreciation. The are bittersweet moments but like her voice, the music just becomes more powerful.

Her voice is diva – no other word. It’s commanding, solid and hits the high notes. Her voice fits her sparkly knee-high boots. And her voice with Sarah Morris is a rare treat. They don’t harmonize like a blended batter but it’s more like a peanut butter cup where it’s two distinct tastes that are tasty.

She had the singer songwriter group in the audience; it’s amazing to see that kind of support.

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