MN Music Video: Spider in the Bathtub by 13 Howell

Delighted to share this quirky, funny yet funky song and video Spider in the Bathtub by 13 Howell – created with help and direction of their friend Deacon Warner, local documentarian and filmmaker. It tells a story like an old-school, first-generation MTV video. The hooks are catchy and groovy. It includes spelling in song and the there’s a part of the video where our musical heroes are stuck like flies in a giant spider web. And about halfway into this 7+ minute song you realize, it slides into a song that’s more than quirk – it’s something that you’ll be singing later.

It’s fun and clever and it’s the sneak peek at their first album release thomasson bomb. A quick walk through the songs, is an interesting stroll down many different streets. Curragh of Kildare puts on the Irish. Under the Gun is a straight forward rock song with strong elements of the 1980s. But each tells a story you want to hear again.

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