New MN Music Video: Alone When I Die by shugE – playing the Hook & Ladder April 13

Pleased to share shugE’s latest video, Alone When I Die. It’s a sneak preview of his live EP, I’ll be in love with you until the day I die, which is releasing on April 13 with a special show at the Hook & Ladder’s Mission Room with special guests: Fletcher Coulee, Clare Doyle, Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band.

The video captures the unsettling and comforting sentiment of song, Alone When I Die. The footage of driving intermingled with live playing punctuates the idea of life’s journey. At the end of the day, we all die alone; we hope there are people there for parts of the journey we know how a journey goes – we get there whether we’re alone or not. It makes the driving concept sad but less scary. The metered beat drives the song and the video feels like a heartbeat.

(Also, the song hits on our radio show theme this week – death, birth and/or rebirth. So bonus there!)

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