Mostly MN Music with Surly Grrly – them death and birth

What a delight to have feminist punk band Surly Grrly in studio. First a big thanks to Medbh and Eloise for making the music FCC compliant for the radio show. Not a small feat. Second a big thanks for singing with passion the words that many of us can’t say. For calling out bad behavior in a way that empowers victims and hopefully helps perpetrators recognize themselves, which is the first step in change. Third, big thanks for making it all sound so good. We had a great and uplifting chat and look forward to their show at the Turf Club on May 25.

Final thank you to the station for fixing the archive – so you can listen to the whole show, listen out our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out the songs we actually played below.

Artist Song Release
Nico V. Isotalo Hollow Hollow – Single
Terry Walsh and 2 A.M. The Greatest Mystery Work and Hope
Orchid Eaton Who’s so Heavy Now Where All Ends Meet
Bleek & Grimm Arms Length Kold
Rachel Kurtz Saturday’s Disciples There Is Beauty
Flip Rushmore Phife & Merle Big, If True
Colin Bracewell You’re Fine You’re Fine & Hallelujah – Single
Rachael Kilgour Rabbit in the Road Rabbit in the Road
Semisonic Closing Time 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Semisonic
Cloud Cult You Were Born Light Chasers
The Tender Years Every Death After the Batteries Die – EP
Grant Glad & the Soo Line Loons Die Young (feat. Car’ma) Soo Line Loons
Edie Rae No One Will Cry at Your Funeral Songs About Death & Other Unimportant Things
Graham Bramblett Death Under the Lights
The Jayhawks Gonna Be a Darkness Back Roads and Abandoned Motels
Megadeth Dystopia Dystopia (Bonus Track Version)
Impaler If Death Were a Horse The Great Hereafter


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