New MN Video: Who’s Laughing Now by Durry

No, don’t adjust your computer just wait a minute for the best start to a music video, especially for anyone who ever spent hours making videos with their siblings in the basement or garage. Who’s Laughing Now by Durry was made for us! The song is comes from the rock anthem of teen defiance against the odds, the naysayers and the parents. It has a drive and an infectious hook. It’s the next song you’re going to sing with friends after the ill-advised one more beer.

The brother (Austin) and sister (Taryn) dynamic of Durry shine in the video. Watching Austin wrestle the camera out of Taryn’s hands, in an I’m-the-cooler-sibling vibe is perfect and Aubrey Plaza has nothing on Taryn’s expressive eyes. Seeing the good guys come together and triumph in the end is uplifting. It is a taste of their upcoming album, Suburban Legend, about a band from the suburbs defying the odds to make become successful but not before battling some serious issues (such as mental health) first. Suburban Legend will be out September 8, 2023!

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