Mostly MN Music with Wild Lyre – theme nature

It was delight to have Wild Lyre play live in the studio. Biggest crowd we’ve had to date with instruments and performers in the studio with Keith Wyman, Art Oxborough (lead guitar), Mike Vasich (keys) and Dave Dorman (bass). (Drummer Dan Cordell was home with a newborn.) But they made it work. Their sound is familiar yet new, with a psychedelic Americana vibe. Great guys who booked their first show a week into rehearsals. That’s a bold move that has paid off! Look forward to more shows – maybe a little later in the summer. You can see the interview below:

Or listen to the whole show on the theme of nature, checkout our aspiration Spotify playlist or see the songs that actually got played on air below.

Artist Song Release
Wild Lyre Shelter
Creeping Charlie when it rains in LA How to Kill Creeping Charlie
Turn Turn Turn New Rays from an Old Sun New Rays From an Old Sun
Angie Oase Missippi River m.hmm
Rogue Valley The Brightest Stars Radiate / Dissolve
The Last Revel In the Pines Uprooted
Nina Luna Force of Nature (feat. Diamond Field) [Remix] Force of Nature Remix (feat. Diamond Field) – Single
The Pines Where Something Wild Still Grows Above the Prairie
Ben Noble Bluebird Where the Light Comes In
Said Kelley Gray Cloud Cupcake
Nostrum Grocers Where’ing Those Flowers Nostrum Grocers
Zoo Animal Hit by Wind Young Blood
Hawthorne Oachs A Single Flower A Single Flower – Single
Becky Schlegel Love Is Like a Butterfly Country Ballads
The Good Time Gals Singin’ to the Sagebrush Whiskey Kisses
Molly Maher Bird Song (I’ll Follow You) Follow
Sunflower Fox and the Chicken Leg Breathe it in


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