MN Music Video Premiere: misterchristianwhiteman by Ben Noble – also album release June 2 at the Icehouse

Delighted to unveil the new video for misterchristianwhiteman by Ben Noble. I was not prepared for the video. You shouldn’t be prepared either; watch and then read on. (Also note his album release at the Icehouse on June 2, 2023.)

We have chatted with Ben in studio (right before COVID and back in 2019) and seen him play several times. I have described his music and dreamy and increasing leaning electronic. He has leaned full techno and misterchristianwhiteman isn’t dreamy, it’s a wake-up call to other Christian, white males.

Ben is using his Christian, white, male privilege to deliver an important message to an audience who is likely to be more receptive to someone who looks like them. The music is upbeat, almost hypnotic like a video game, but more soothing. The lyrics are pointed and hold no punches: “I’ll actually believe you’re prolife when you start taking care of babies after they are born.” He uses a sharp irony that is funny but honest. He holds up a mirror in the music and the video in a way that makes possible (maybe easier?) for misterchristianwhiteman to see himself as part of the problem.

The video features Ben as different characters doing measured dance moves: their stats appear onscreen like video game bios. These are archetypes you will recognize. The video ends with some advice from God who shows herself in the form of a classroom television (from back when that was a thing). One recommendation – being reliant on tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. The video makes me excited for the rest of the album!

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