Little Man’s Body to Body video debut! Filmed at Midway Express Car Wash

Little Man’s Body to Body video is a tongue in cheek call back to a simpler time and a twisted nod to the sexy girl on car videos of the 1980s. It’s a happy 3-minute respite from all that is going on today.

It was directed by David Kurtovich,  who has worked with Prince, The Jayhawks and others. On location at Midway Express Car Wash in St. Paul. (More on that later.) It’s unabashedly sexy and fun with Little Man front man Chris Perricelli and actress Megan Mann  telling the old story of daydreaming of something better while on the job. There’s a touch of Cinderella, touch of ZZ Top.

The idea emerged in a Mostly MN Music interview Heather Baker and I did with Chris back in mid-May. We were just coming out of the pandemic lock down and wanted to do something fun. Chris came to talk and play at the car wash, which is actually owned by my dad and brother (Bill and Billy Treacy). Chris’s eyes lit up the minute we got there. You could see so many ideas going through his head. We even did a few fun music videos while we were there.

From that inspiration rose an idea and action – because Chris is a man of action. The video was shot over a number of days in 40 degree weather this fall after business hours and into the early hours of the following mornings. I went to one of the shootings, which was amazing. The “crabby boss” of the video is named Dan and he does indeed work at the Car Wash. Fun to see John Snell and his fantastic car featured in the video.

It was a fun adventure at a time when we could all use a little escape. And yet there’s the underlying, ever important pandemic message – remember to be clean and sanitize!!

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